The Association of Applied BioMedical Sciences (AABMS) is a nonprofit association of biomedical professionals, scientific publisher, innovator, and advocacy organization with a library of open access journals, books, and other scientific literature. AABMS Journals cover basic and clinical research subjects across the applied biomedical sciences and related scientific areas.

Mission and Vision

AABMS aims:

  • to promote, facilitate, integrate and disseminate knowledge in the different areas of biomedical sciences
  • to foster actions which enhance research and academic teaching in the biomedical sciences worldwide, as well as direct actions contributing to serve society;
  • to facilitate interactions among biomedical scientists, as well as with experts from other related fields;
  • to establish relationships with allied societies worldwide.

The Association of Applied BioMedical Sciences was established on September 10, 2019. The AABMS is formed by a diverse community of scientists that are interested in promoting a deeper knowledge of pathogens and the diseases they cause to finally adopt environmentally sustainable practices to ensure better health.