Academy of Applied BioMedical Sciences

The Academy of Applied BioMedical Sciences (AABMS) introduces the experimental basis of cellular, molecular, and genetic aspects of biology, focusing on relevance to diseases.

The work of the world’s academies of science, medicine, and engineering has resulted in lives saved, better education, and more effective policy approaches to a range of issues. Academies are typically independent and highly committed institutions that recognize and promote excellence and achievement. By definition, they are merit-based, with members selected from among the leading scientific minds within a country or region. Their credibility comes not only from the scientific excellence of their members but also from the fact that they are free of vested political and commercial interests.

Just as each AABMS represents an authoritative voice nationally, this unified voice of academies under AABMS aims to have great impact at the international level. AABMS will organize specific career workshops covering essential skills and job opportunities.