Announcing the Launch of AABMS Journals: a new forum for high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed biomedical research


We are pleased to announce that the Association of Applied BioMedical Sciences (AABMS) will launch a collection of open access journals in biomedical sciences; AABMS Journals. Our editorial goal is to publish basic and clinical research across all disciplines of biomedical sciences, serving the worldwide community of investigators and clinicians and meeting the evolving needs and requirements of authors and funders.

BioMedical journals and publishing have changed substantially during the past 2 decades following the emergence and ascendance of the internet and the mobilization of journal content. Open access publishing has risen to prominence concurrent, with a primary goal to make research findings more accessible to potential users around the world.

Our decision to launch open access journals was based on careful thought and planning and represents our response to the rapidly evolving landscape of scientific discovery and biomedical journals and publishing. As online-only, open-access journals, AABMS Journals will help AABMS make more outstanding research available to researchers.

We look forward to receiving research manuscripts from authors around the world on applied areas of biomedical research and global health across all medical and health disciplines. Please visit to learn more about the journals, editors, and editorial board, and information about submitting manuscripts.

The Association of Applied BioMedical Sciences (AABMS) is an association of professionals working in the field of applied biomedical sciences that aims:

to promote, facilitate, integrate and disseminate knowledge in the different areas of biomedical sciences
to foster actions which enhance research and academic teaching in the biomedical sciences worldwide, as well as direct actions contributing to serve society;
to facilitate interactions among biomedical scientists, as well as with experts from other related fields;
to establish relationships with allied societies worldwide.

Please visit to learn more about the association.

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The Association of Applied BioMedical Sciences (AABMS) is a nonprofit association of biomedical professionals, scientific publisher, innovator, and advocacy organization with a library of open access journals, books, and other scientific literature.

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